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Kahua is a continuation-based framework to develop application service.

Kahua project is one of the open source projects that develop Kahua itself and Kahua application service. Everybody can join Kahua project.

See About Kahua in detail.

This site is build up with and operated by kahua-web, that is one of the Kahua applications.


We are very pleased to say that we've released Kahua 1.0, the first stable version on 2006/12/28.

Kahua is a continuation-based application server or framework. This release is designed not for leading-edge programer(a.k.a. geeks) butfor all programers who are interested in Scheme or continuation-based development model.

Getting Started

  • Download Gauche 0.8.13 or later from here and install to your machine.
  • Download Kahua from here and build from tarball
% tar xvzf Kahua-
% cd Kahua-
% ./configure --prefix=$HOME/kahua --with-staticdir=$HOME/public_html/kahua
% make
% make check
% make install
% make install-examples
  • Try Kahua by running the standalone server:
% ($HOME/kahua/bin/kahua-spvr --httpd localhost:8888 >>/tmp/kahua-error.log &)
  • Start a browser and visit http://localhost:8888/.
  • You will see and can use one of sample applications, "lambdabooks".
  • See INSTALL in detail.
  • Figure out and start typing your script, and run it!

English Documents

Though we are trying very hard to prepare English documents, they are not worth to use Kahua at full value. Following documents are now available in English.

What's new

Kahua project was part of "Infrastructure Building Program for Open Source Software" in Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) from 2003/09/05 to 2004/03/05.

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