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Gauche-DBI is an abstract layer to manipulate various RDBMS's.

The module dbi is a front-end module providing unified APIs. The modules dbd.* are back-end modules implementing RDBMS-specific operations.

The dbi module is a part of Gauche since 0.8.6. If you're using Gauche-0.8.5 or earlier, you need to install dbi module separately, and you also need older version of drivers; see below. We recommend to upgrade to Gauche-0.8.6, though.

Check out the reference manual for the description of API.

Available DBDs

Available DBDs are:

  • PostgreSQL - Gauche-dbd-pg
  • MySQL - Gauche-dbd-mysql
  • Firebird - Gauche-firebird



Gauche-dbd-mysql-0.2.2 works with MySQL 3.x or 4.x or 5.x.

Note: Gauche-dbd-mysql-0.2.1 or older versions not work with MySQL 5.x.


DBD of Firebird is maintained at this URI:


To use Firebird specific APIs, and to use generic APIs from DBI.

Older versions

Use these if you're using Gauche-0.8.5 or earlier.

Notes to test PostgreSQL

Current user must be able to connect PostgreSQL's defalut database.

PostgreSQL's default database is always same name of unix login name. If it is not exists, You should create database same as login name.

sudo -u postgres /usr/local/pgsql/bin/createuser <loginname>
sudo -u postgres /usr/local/pgsql/bin/createdb <loginname>


  • Metadata API.
    • dbi-tables <dbi-connection> method.
    • dbi-get-metadatas <dbi-result> method.
  • Transaction API abstruction of dbi layer.
    • Adds these methods with <dbi-connection>.
      • dbi-auto-commit-set!
      • dbi-commit
      • dbi-rollback
  • Carsor API abstruction of dbi layer.
  • Delegation of prepared statement to Firebird , Oracle's native layer.
  • Connection Pool Library.(It should be implement upper layer from DBI/DBD layer.)
  • Hybernate like SQL generaton tool.
    • SQL translation table for eache RDBMS's deference.

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